The Grant Valley Town Board of Supervisors met for their scheduled monthly business meeting on Thursday March 3, 2016 at the Grant Valley Town Hall.††


Board Members and employees present were Hiltz, Rauch, Moudry and Treasurer Boyer.


Supervisor Hiltz welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order with the pledge to the flag at 7:00 pm.



Supervisor Rauch made a motion to approve the February 11, 2016, Board of Audit Minutes and the February 11, 2016 regular meeting Minutes.Motion seconded by Supervisor Moudry and carried on unanimous voice call vote.



Treasurer Boyer reported fund balances of General $101,606.02, Road and Bridge $503,627.25, Fire Fund $78,173.46 with outstanding checks of $6,016.00 for a total cash on hand balance of $689,362.73.Supervisor Moudry made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report subject to audit. Supervisor Rauch seconded motion and it carried on unanimous roll call vote.†††



The bills were reviewed.Supervisor Rauch made a motion to pay the bills as presented.Supervisor Moudry seconded motion and it carried on unanimous roll call vote.††



Archery Club road gating was discussed. Supervisor Hiltz indicated that the goal of the township was to put a gate across somewhere on the road preferably just beyond the road that goes to the Archery Club.The reason for this gate is garbage dumping; a lot of shooting in the back and the bullets are mainly going toward Jeff and Lynn Mardenís.There is drug activity out there as well and the Sheriffís Department has been called on many occasions.Richard Moore from Beltrami County asked some questions about whether we can put a gate up under state statute and the Clerk is absent tonight but Supervisor Hiltz will get Richard something on it.When we contacted the Association of Townships they made the comment that we can close the road if everyone that has property on the road is in agreement with it and has to sign off on it, and we had to give everyone access with a key or a lock combination.When we did this several years ago everyone was in agreement except for Beltrami County.Everyone has signed the letter except the county.The Archery Club indicated they were in agreement as long as the gate was after their entrance.Discussion held.Supervisor Hiltz indicated that we already had a full section that was gated off by the county.It is a minimum maintenance road and could be closed during seasons as well. Discussion held on STS coming out to pick up garbage and it was indicated they would do that all we had to do was call.However, it was also indicated that they were out one day and picked everything up and hauled it away and when they went out to finish the next day there was more garbage on the high line than what they had picked up the day before so they said they werenít going to do it again but they did.It was also indicated that if shooting was going on back there that STS wasnít going to want to be back there anyway.Ernie Beitel said they were behind the road being closed off as it would alleviate a problem spot but they also felt they had to follow the letter of the law and the county attorney seems to think we canít close the road.Hopefully we can get that figured out.Supervisor Hiltz indicated he was confused because the county has barricaded roads in the township all around here so the only way people can get in is by foot traffic so what is the difference on this one?Discussion held on the garbage, shooting, how strong the gate should be, etc.There might also have to be something determined for a turn around.The Archery Club would like to have a key to the gate and it was indicated that they would for sure get one.







Discussion held on the new school.Supervisor Hiltz met with Superintendent Hess.The roads were discussed.A traffic study has been completed.The County is the one who will be in charge of the roads.Fire protection cost increase discussed.This would happen if the City didnít annex the new school.That would be the main cost to the township.Discussion held on CR#&, the road that is going past the new school, and when that might be re-done.It was felt 2018 or later.Discussion held that if the school goes out there the road will really need to be fixed.Discussion held on round-a-bouts.Discussion held on per capita dollar amounts for city and rural areas with tax exempt businesses.


Discussion held on Road Tour.Supervisor Moudry will provide a vehicle.Supervisor Hiltz made a motion to set the Road Tour for Saturday May 14, 2016, at 8:00 a.m. starting at the Town Hall.Supervisor Moudry seconded motion and it carried on unanimous voice call vote.


Supervisor Hiltz received a call and note from Mr. Roberts that the Juneberry Road stop ahead sign has been sheared off.Rhonda Stone at 10003 Juneberry Road NW is the one who hit it.All of her information was received and we will need to see how much it will cost to fix it.




Supervisor Hiltz reported on the Fire Association.New fire station contract was awarded to Nor-Son. Association and City agreed on all of it.City will pay for new fire station and the Fire Association will buy a $225,000.00 tanker truck next year and then the following year an aerial bucket ladder truck and the estimated value on that is over 1 million.


Supervisor Rauch indicated that the Clerk should call and remind the judges for Tuesdayís election. He also indicated that we are hurting for election judges.Melvin Miller canít do it anymore and Althea Millerís husband is not doing very well right now so we should be looking for new judges whenever possible.


Discussion held on reports for Annual Meeting.Supervisor Rauch will report on Animal Control and Supervisor Hiltz will report on the Fire Association and they will both discuss the roads. Supervisor Moudry will not be able to attend.






The roads are bad right now.Frost is still in the ground and they will get out and grade as soon as the frost is out.


As there was no further business, Supervisor Rauch made motion to adjourn. Supervisor Moudry seconded motion and it carried on unanimous voice call vote.Meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Angela Schmidt


Via Recording